I’m Dan—a digital strategist, designer, developer, and marketer. But enough about that, let’s talk about the real me.

I’m from Chile

Like you, I was born a naked baby. I popped out in Santiago, Chile; and that’s where I spent the first 8 years of my life. I’ve been in the States since 1998. I’ll always call the US home, but my heart lives in Chile.

I live in Chicago

I’ve lived Chicagoland since I first moved to the United States. I’ve been within the city limits for the last 5 years. Chicago is my favorite city. There are so many interesting places to go, great places to eat, the tech scene is blowing up—and somehow it’s still afforable. Oh, right, because of the -20° winters.

I like bikes

I love riding my bike, especially in the beautiful streets of Chicago. I’m currently on a temporary fixed gear bike that kind of just stuck (unexpected love), but I’m looking to hop back on that geared road bike game.

I also like working on bikes, so hit me up if you’re in need of an extra set of hands.

I like beer

I’m a big craft beer fan and hobbyist homebrewer. My favorite type of restaurant is a brewpub. A relaxing Saturday for me is spending 6 hours in the kitchen concocting an all-new brew. If you suggest a good style for my next brew, I’ll name it after you.

Nice to meet you

Now that you know a little about me, why not introduce yourself? Say hello on Twitter at @ddggccaa.